Kamis, 13 Desember 2012


First off all, I'm sorry if my English is bad, coz it's not my mother language. But I hope you understand what I mean.. :)

My thought began when people around me update their's status at 12 December 2012. What is so special with 12? Why a lot of couple got married at this date? Why a lot of Mom decide to have a caesarean section so her child born at 12 Dec 2012?

Let start with our body..
1. We have twelve pairs of ribs.
2. Human body have twelve cranial nerves.
3. Our's duodenum (from Latin which mean twelve), is about twelve inches long.
4. Average man has twelve pint of blood.
5. We have twelve joints on our fingers per hand.

Religion and Mythology..
1. There are twelve 'Jyotirlingas' (epitome of God Shiva) in Hindu Shaivism.
2. Jesus has twelve apostles.
3. Jacob has twelve sons, who were the progenitors of the twelve tribes of Israel.
4. Virgin Mary wearing a crown of twelve stars.
5. In Orthodox Judaism, twelve signifies the age a girl matures.
6. In Hinduism, Surya (the sun God) has twelve names.
7. There are twelve petals in Anahata (heart cakra).
8. In Shia Islam, propeth Muhammad had twelve successor known as Imams.
9. In Quran, the Sura number twelve is Sura Yusuf, and it's located in Juz'a number twelve.
10. Greek mythology has twelve olympians.
11. Odin has twelve sons.
12. Heracles (Greek mythology hero) was given twelve impossible task to completed.

1. Twelve hours for a half day.
2. There are twelve monts in a year.
3. Western and Chinese zodiak has twelve signs.

1. There are twelve days of Christmas.
2. Eastern Orthodoxy has twelve Great Feast.
3. Cubans bring in the New Year by eating twelve grapes to bring luck.

1. Twelve is the largest number with a single morpheme name in English.
2. Twelve inches in a foot.
3. Twelve face cards in a card deck.
4. Twelve pence in a shilling.
5. King Arthur's round table had twelve knights.
6. Twelve people have walked on Earth.
7. There are twelve hues in the color wheel.
8. Twelve is the number of function keys on keyboards.
9. Twelve is the number of keys in any standard digital telephone.
10. Alcoholics Anonymous has twelse steps, twelve traditions, and twelve concepts for world service.
11. In ten pin bowling, twelve is the number of strikes needed for perfect game.
12. Twelve is a sublime number. 

So, want to feel the 12-12-12 again? You have to wait 100 years again.. ;)