Jumat, 25 Mei 2018

The Haemil - Twin Room & Roof Top

The hospitality started long before we arrived here. Around one week before our arrival, Mr Kim sent us an email to give direction on how to reach the place. Our route was Seoul - Busan - Seoul, so we asked if we can left our baggage before we go to Busan, and they said yes.

The Haemil - Hongdae
The location is near to Hongik University station and also to bus stop.
The Haemil Location
I spent 3 nights here, 1 night in the Twin room and 2 night at the roof top room. The twin room consist of 2 single bed with amenities (towel, hairdryer, tea, kettle) and bathroom inside. In the roof top room, you will find a kitchenette also. There are also a BBQ machine and some sport equipment. In the spring or summer, you can sit in the roof top and see the star.

Twin room

Bathroom at the twin room

The roof top room

Kitchenette at the roof top room

Bathroom at the roof top room

Roof top
Breakfast is at the lobby but the area is very very very small, consist of toast (with jam and butter), cereal, tea, coffee, apple and additional egg of your choice (scramble, sunny, boiled) every day. The egg will be cooked when you arrived at the breakfast place, so it still warm.

Breakfast table
Water for tea or to fill your bottle water
Free book to accompany your breakfast

Kamis, 08 Maret 2018

MS Hotel Haeundae

I spent one night in this hotel and get an upgrade from Standard Double Ocean View to Deluxe Double Ocean View. Yaaaaay! Our room is bigger and located in the end of the corridor.

This hotel is located in the opposite of SEA Life Busan Aquarium and Haeundae Beach. We can see it from our room. You can find 7-eleven, CU, GS25 and Starbucks easily. Bus station are also near.

Hotel Location

The room is spacious (compare with my previous stay in Seoul), with complete amenities such as towel, bathrobe, hair dyer, kettle, water heater, refrigerator, teabag, TV and automatic toilet, which we need some time to decipher and a few tried before we can used it.

View from room - 1
View from room - 2
Shower part
Toilet part
Automatic panel for toilet
Desk with amenities

The breakfast is in front of the receptionist and you will be given a tray to be brought to the breakfast area, which is very small, or back to your room. We decided to bring it back to our room.

My breakfast spot
The breakfast itself consist of toast (with jam and butter), banana, milk, yogurt, juice (orange and mango), coffee, water.

Overall, my stay here is very pleasant. I'm sure I will be back here when I visit Busan again. :)

Selasa, 06 Maret 2018

24 Guesthouse Myeongdong Town

I spent 4 night here and it was a pleasant place to sleep. The room is not large, but the location is the best. The room is clean. But you need to tell the reception if you want your room to be cleaned.

Located on Geum-O building 10f, 9-15, Namchang-dong, Jung-gu, Myeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea 04529, only a stone's throw away from exit 6 of Hoehyeon station, line 4 of the subway, one station away from Myeong-dong (it's walkable since I tried it every night :p).

If you want to shop in the high end shopping mall, Shinsegae is very near also. Or if you prefer local market, Namdaemun market is also near. Basically, the road beside the building is part of Namdaemun market.

Building location

You can see Namsan Tower if your room located in the right direction, which sadly, not my room. I choose the bunk twin since I went with my friend. For you who spent the night in the upper bed, carefull with your head. I'm only 155 cm, but if I didn't bend my body a little bit, my head will connect with the ceiling.

Every room is equipped with some amenities such as hair dryer, towel, water heater (for drinking and bathing), refrigerator, TV, electric plug (a lot) and microwave in the breakfast area.

Sorry but it seems that my pictures of the room are missing. But you can check the picture in the link below, the pictures are accurate.

All room come with free breakfast consist of bread with jam and butter, cup noodle, orange juice, coffee, tea (all day) and water. 

Breakfast time
Cup noodle

Breakfast place

Overall, I like the location of the place. Even though the room is small, but I can still manage to open my luggage inside the room. :p

Sabtu, 06 Januari 2018

KL - Cameron Highland 5D 4N

Hi.. It's me..
On 23 - 27 November 2017, I went to Cameron Highland after I saw a lot of beautiful picture and read a lot of review about mossy forest and Mount Brinchang.

I used Air Asia since they have cheaper flight ticket on Final call, only Rp 271,000.00 + 1000 big points. For the first day, since I arrived in KLIA2 at 12.00 AM, I decided to sleep at the airport. Went down to the bus station at Level 1 to buy my ticket to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan) for 5.30 AM, I spent the night in the plastic chair, yeah I know it is not comfortable, but since it's only a few hours, why not.

In TBS, I bought bus ticket to Cameron Highland. Please note that all bus to Cameron Highland will stop at Tanah Rata Station. I took Unititi bus, departed at 08.30 AM and arrived at 12.30 PM. The last 60 km before Tanah Rata, the road is winding, so if you have any car sickness, better to go to Ipoh first and then to Cameron highland since the road is less winding. Around 30 km before Tanah Rata you can see a beautiful waterfall on your left side.

If you will return to KL on the weekend, better purchase your ticket in advance. I bought my return ticket when I arrived. I intended to go to Robinson Fall, but the lady who sold my bus ticket said that it is dangerous, and a few days ago someone was mugged there. Since I went alone, I decided to skip this one.

If you are using public transport like me, waiting for a local bus here need a lot of patience. I wait for 20 minutes but the bus is no where to be seen, so I decided to walk to my hostel in Brinchang. I took trail 16 beside Century Pines Resort Cameron Highlands. There is a sign there, but the road is only dirt road, and you have to stepping over water pipe. Don't worry, the trail is really easy.

Parit Fall itself is a small, I mean really small, ditch. Parit is the malay word for ditch / drain. You can go around the Lipir Forest here. But I decided to continue my journey to Brinchang. I walked behind the golf course to avoid too much vehicle. Just use your google map and you will be good to go. I took a rest in YZ strawberry farm for lunch.

Hutan Lipir Map
Parit Fall
All Souls' Church

Remember that now you have to pay government tax when you book a hotel or hostel in Malaysia for 10 RM / night. If you are here on weekend, don't forget to go to Brinchang Night Market. You can buy anything you want here. Strawberry, corn, cactus, fashion, Fresh veggie, food, chocolate, and a lot more. It's better to make sure the location of this Night Market since they are moving it every few months.
Brinchang Night Matket
Sam Poh Temple
Inside Sam Poh Temple
I intended to take half day tour to Mount Brinchang, mossy forest, tea plantation, and some of the local farm, but Mount Brinchang and mossy forest is closed until 31 January 2018 due to some maintenance. So saaaad.. :( So I went to Lavender garden instead. Here you can see a lot of flower, try lavender ice cream, which I can honestly say it's not my taste, take a ton of pictures, or just sit to savor the clear air with a cup of coffee.
Lavender Garden
Sky Garden @Lavender Garden

Lavender Ice cream
Lavender Castle @Lavender Garden
But don't forget to see the BOH Tea Centre / Plantation. It's fantastic! I can spent many hours just sit here with a pot of tea and contemplating the meaning of life :p. There are a lot of strawberry farm scattering here, so just pick one since the experience they offered is the same, picking your own strawberry.
BOH Tea Centre
BOH Tea Centre

Fresh vegetables @Big Red Strawberry Farm

Pick your own strawberries price @Big Red Strawberry Farm
On my way back to KL, the drive took 6,5 hours, and the bus was late. The bus supposed to depart from Tanah Rata Station at 1.45 PM, but we depart on 2.00 PM and make another stop near the Tourism Centre to take some passenger.

For detailed breakdown of my expense, you can see in below table. For more pictures, come check my Instagram account @finna.susanti. Happy Holiday!

Kamis, 06 April 2017

A Long Time Has Passed

A long time has passed after my last post..

Let's make this blog life again..
I will post some more within this month.. :)

Senin, 04 Agustus 2014

Masa lalu dan waktu

Ketika masa lalu yang kau anggap lalu tertanya tidak begitu lalu
Ketika masa lalu dan saat ini berjalan berdampingan dan meminta masa depan

Secepat apapun kau berjalan, masa lalu akan selalu berada satu langkah di belakangmu
Tapi, haruskah masa lalu yang ini??
Di saat aku berpikir aku sudah mampu melewatinya
Di saat aku berharap untuk memulai sesuatu yang baru
Di saat aku berusaha untuk meraih hal lainnya

Mungkin aku masih butuh waktu
Mungkin aku memang masih harus berjuang untuk menghadapinya
Atau mungkin, itu adalah sesuatu yang harus selalu aku bawa di hidupku
Apapun itu, aku hanya berharap semua keputusanku tidak akan aku sesali nantinya
Aku berharap aku tidak menyebabkan orang-orang disekitarku terluka karena hal ini

Do the best and hope God will give me some answer..

Kamis, 19 Juni 2014

Singapore 4th Day

Hari keempat..
Hari terakhir kami di Singapore..
Jadi, karena kita hanya akan k bandara, kita memutuskan untuk bangun sedikit lebih siang..
Jam set 9 kami meluncur k bandara dengan taksi. Sebenarny ada MRT untuk k bandara, tapi karena ibuku tidak mao repot, akhirnya kami naik taksi dari hotel..
Berhubung jam set 9 masih termasuk dalam rush hour, maka tarif taksi ny dtambah 10% dari argo yang tertera..

Sampai d bandara, check in dan bla bla bla, kami masih harus menunggu sekitar 45 menit.
Akhirny, panggilan pesawat kami diumumkan..
Sampai d bandara Husein, Bandung, kami antri panjaaaang banget, karena ada 2 pesawat yang turun dengan rentang waktu berdekatan..
Untuk mengurus imigrasi, bagasi, dll, dperlukan waktu kurang lebih satu setengah jam.. Lama kan..

Hal pertama yang aku sadari begitu aku sampai d Bandung adalah suara klakson..
Yuuups, klakson mobil..
Bahkan d tempat parkir pun masih ada aja orang yang bunyiin klakson. Ckckck..

Beberapa tips selama di Singapore
- gunakan sepatu yang nyaman kalo mao jalan"
- bawa kartu mahasiswa, banyak diskon d sana. hehehe..
- bli EZ-link karena jauh lebih mudah, ga harus ngantri tiket dan nyari uang pas waktu naek bus
- jangan lupa bawa kamera.. :)

Perjalanan berikutny adalah PENANG..
Tungguin aja ya..