Kamis, 05 Desember 2013

True Love

Once upon a time..

After one year of break up, I found a message in my FB inbox.
That message was from my ex.
He wrote

How is you dear? Hope you are ok.

My first expression after reading that was shocking.
The man who I don't want to remember has messaged me.
Whole splash inside my mind.
The time we spend together.
That time when we dreamt of our beautiful future.
The time when he said "Dear, we will prove this world that true love really exist."
I just started crying by remembering that.
And suddenly I go pass his profile.
There I saw his status.
It was written that "In relationship with ..."
And I saw all his profile.
It seemed like he loved that girl very much.
But I wanted to tell him how much I love him.
But now, the time has changed.
My hand went to my keyboard, fingers on the keys, I wrote

Nice to see you happy with her. #withsmilingsmiley and gave him blessings for his relationship.

But I know I should escape from his life.
As I don't want our past splashes his new relation, I simply said

Wow, nice to see your message. I'm fine and very happy with my new boyfriend.

Although I know I should not spoke that lie.
But today, his happines is my first preference.
Yes, my heart still beats for you..

Have you ever done this??
I will do this if it will make you happy..
Hope the best for both of us..
I believe God will help us if we are mean to be together..

With love,